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Troop 525 was chartered with eight boys in August 1984. The troop was formed by Scoutmaster Randy Lewis. Randy was a member of Simpsonwood United Methodist Church and had been interested in forming a Scout troop since joining SUMC shortly after its formation. Randy attempted to charter the troop for several months and finally succeeded in gaining interest from sufficient scouts and leaders during the Summer of 1984. All the adult leaders were members of SUMC and wanted to establish this outreach ministry.

In April 1985, the first class of Webelos Scouts from Cub Scout Pack 525 crossed over to the troop. The class had 24 scouts, bringing the troop’s numbers to the low 30’s in its first year. The troop was very successful from it’s early years, with an active outdoor program including two weeklong summer camps each summer. This active program helped 6 boys achieve the rank of Eagle during the troop’s first 6 years.

Micah Andrews crossed over from Pack 525 in the large group who joined the troop in April 1985. His father, Gerry, became the second Scoutmaster in 1989. A year later, Gerry moved to the Northeast District volunteer staff and Ken Craft assumed the role of Scoutmaster in 1992. Ken was known for sharing his collection of Boy Scout memorabilia during Troop activities and Scout Shows.

In 1992-94,Jim Borders (Troop’s 1st Eagle and SPL) served as an interim Scoutmaster between college graduation and his reporting to the Air Force. At his departure, Randy Lewis agreed to assume the role of Scoutmaster again on an interim basis. These early adult leaders established the traditions that have made the troop what it is today after many years. Joe Gibbs (1994-96), followed by Bruce Reber took the lead role as they crossed over with their sons into the troop. Bruce and his family moved in the summer of 1997 soon after Rick Mahan joined the troop with his son, Kevin. Rick eagerly agreed to accept the position of Scoutmaster (he said at that time he would like to serve for 3 years) and served admirably in that capacity until his untimely death in August 2000. The members of Troop 525 were honored to play a role in Rick’s memorial service.

John Cherry was already in transition into the role of SM when Rick died and was our Scoutmaster for 13 years from 2000 - 2014.  Our current Scoutmaster Scott Donaldson has been with the troop several years and has served as Scoutmaster since 2014.  Scott went to Seabase summer 2015 and Philmont summer 2016


Today's Troop

The troop has always been blessed with an abundance of adult leaders who are willing to step forward when they were called, or in many cases, volunteer before they are asked.

Although we have very dedicated adult leaders, Troop 525 is boy-led. Every boy is required to hold leadership positions as he advances in rank. He is encouraged to step up and hold positions of increasing responsibility as he progresses on his trail to Eagle. The leadership team meets monthly to set the program and plan the meetings and outings (Green Bar).

The program is outdoor based with an emphasis on having fun, learning Scout skills, and advancement. The program is anchored by two weeklong summer camps each summer, monthly outings, Sea Base and Philmont trips, as well as other activities planned by the boy leaders and Troop Committee. This mix of adult and boy leaders manifests itself in the large percentage of scouts who have attained the rank of Eagle in Troop 525.

The troop meets each Monday night beginning at 7:30 PM at Simpsonwood United Methodist Church. Visitors are always welcome.

WEBELOS who are interested in joining our troop can get most of the information about us here on this page or use our 'Contact Us' page and send us an email. We'll be glad to answer your questions!



When do we meet?
We meet Monday nights at 7:30 when school is in session.

What about photos and other information?
Visit the troop Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Troop525BSA

Visit the troop on instagram @troop525sumc

Where does the troop meet?

We meet at Simpsonwood United Methodist Church. We meet in the parking lot then move to our gathering place in the woods behind the troop trailer. We built this in 2011 and all our troop meetings are there unless we have really inclement weather.
Where is Simpsonwood United Methodist Church?
The church is located at 4500 Jones Bridge Circle NW,Peachtree Corners, GA.
When can we come visit your troop?
WEBELOS are welcome to visit at any meeting, but we would prefer that you let us know you are coming.  Some Monday nights are our planning sessions, and you might not find them to be too interesting!  Please contact our Scoutmaster to schedule a visit.

Number of Registered Adult Leaders
30 Registered Adults: SM - 1, ASM - 8, Troop Committee - 21 (Very Active)

Number of Registered Scouts
90 +/- Registered youth

Is your troop Boy Led? (How Much of every Troop meeting is led by the Adults?)
Yes, adults handle some announcements and SM Minute (5-10 minutes). Will assist boys with program if requested as part of Greenbar meeting.

How many patrols?
6 regular – Apache, Dragons, Moose, Roadkill, Vikings, Wolverines,

New Scout Patrol?
In place from Crossover until first meeting in August

What % of the boys regularly attend troop meetings?

Patrol Leaders Council - Does the Troop Conduct Boy Led Monthly Planning Meetings?
Yes, all months except Dec, Jun, Jul.

Does the Troop participate in Service Opportunities? What are some Examples?
Yes, Help with SUMC Bethlehem Project, Eagle Service Projects, Patrol Service Projects, Scouting for Food, etc.

Summer Camp Opportunities
2 per year - June and July

Number of Overnight Outings Per Year (excluding Summer Camp)

Type of Outdoor Activities?
Diverse - Hiking, Shoebox survival, wide games, ropes courses, bicycling, kayaking, historical trips, backpacking, climbing, aquatics and tubing, canoeing, water skiing, district and council Camporees, 

What % of the boys regularly attend troop outings?
Boys age 11-14 participate in 60-70% of outings; older boys participate as their busy schedules allow

High Adventure Opportunities for Older Scouts?

The troop is on a 2 year rotation with the High Adventure bases SeaBase (Florida Keys) and Philmont (Cimmaron, NM).  The intent is to provide opportunities for Scouts as they complete 8th / 9th / 10th / 11th grades to attend a High Adventure base.  They would have 2 opportunities for each option

  • 2004 - Florida Seabase weeklong Out Island Adventure
  • 2006 - Philmont Scout Ranch 10 day trek
  • 2009 - Florida Seabase weeklong Out Island Adventure
  • 2009 - Scotland trek
  • 2010 - Florida Seabase weeklong Out Island Adventure
  • 2010 - National Jamboree
  • 2012 - Philmont Scout Ranch 10 day trek - 18 scouts and 6 leaders
  • 2013 - Florida Seabase weeklong Out Island Adventure - 9 scouts and 4 leaders
  • 2013 - National Jamboree
  • 2014 - Philmont Scout Ranch 10 day trek - 10 scouts and 2 leaders
  • 2015 - Florida Seabase weeklong Out Island Adventure - 13 scouts and 6 leaders
  • 2016 - Philmont Scout Ranch 10 day trek - 11 Scouts and 5 leaders - June 
  • 2017 - Florida Seabase weeklong Out Island Adventure - 12 Scouts and 4 leaders - May / June 
  • 2018 - Colorado hiking trip as Philmont Scout Ranch was cancelled due to fires - JUNE 2018 - 15 Scouts and 6 Leaders
  • 2019 - Florida Seabase weeklong Out Island Adventure / Scuba Adventure - 18 Scouts and 6 Leaders in 3 Crews
  • 2019 - Philmont Scout Ranch 10 day trek - 6 scouts and 3 leaders
  • 2020 - Philmont Scout Ranch 10 day trek - Cancelled due to COVID19 Pandemic
  • 2021 - Florida Seabase - May / June of 2021 - 1 Crew
  • 2022 - Philmont (planned)

What is the Troop philosophy on Advancement?
We follow the BSA 4 part advancement process. We encourage the boys to stay on a regular advancement path, ideally 1st class by the end of year 1. Advance ranks at own pace, target Eagle by age 16.

How do you like Woodruff/Rainey Mountain/etc. ?
Our troop goes on two summer camps each year.  Normally we go to one camp that is oriented towards new scouts, and one that is oriented towards high adventure.   Most recently, we went to Skymont in Altamont, TN instead of Rainey Mountain. We've been going to Camp Woodruff  for the new scouting skills. Both camps are excellent.  Woodruff is newer, bigger and has better facilities.  Rainey Mountain has the "old time" scout camp feel. And Skymont was a bit of 'fresh air' over the last 6 years.  

Over the last several years the troop has conistently earned the Honor Troop, Scouting Traditions, and Ranger award at Woodruff.  At Skymont they have earned the Montosky Moccasin award and been presented with the Commissioner's award.

We like to go to different camps, so we sometimes go to different out of council camps for the variety.  We have been fortunate to take a number of crews to Sea Base and to the Philmont Scout Ranch, two of the premier BSA high adventure camps.

Does the troop have openings for new scouts?
Yes!  Come on down.  Visit the troop during one of our regular Monday night meetings.  For more information, see our Webelos page - but you don't have to be a Webelos to join our troop!

How much are troop dues?
Troop dues currently are $120.00 - note that $66 of that is for National BSA  ($12.00 additional if the Scouts want Boys Life) for the first scout, and $65.00 for additional scouts in the same family.  Dues are set by the troop committee.  Dues are subject to change.

Our troop has adopted the philosophy of making dues high enough to cover expenses so that we don't have to do fund raisers.  Many scouts are also in the Norcross High School Band, soccer, lacrosse, water polo, baseball, or other activities, and are already very busy with rehearsals and fund raisers for other groups.

There is an additional charge for each trip or outing, based on the actual cost for food, transportation, and other expenses.  Prices vary depending on the nature and location of the trip.

Scouts are also expected to be in uniform at many scout activities.  The troop maintains a supply of "broken-in" uniforms that can be purchased at a low price. You can also contact 'Uniform Exchange' via our Contact Us page and if you are a registered member of the forum you can also look in the classified section there.

If payment of the dues poses a hardship for a family, the troop committee chairman may waive all or part of the annual dues cost.

When are Troop Dues Due?
Dues are due October 1st.

What kind of adult participation do you have?
We generally have at least four adults attending each campout or outing and eight to ten adults at the weekly scout meetings.  Many of these adults are Eagle scouts themselves, and know the value of scouting in the development of boys.

How many eagle scouts do you have?
Since our inception we have had (through May 2018) 148 scouts attain the rank of Eagle.  More continue to achieve this rank each year! See our Eagle page for a list of all current and past eagle scouts from our troop.

Do you have a newsletter?
We have discontinued our paper newsletter.  We communicate through a combination of: (1) this web site, (2) email sent using email lists, (3) Troop Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Troop525BSA (4) Notes on Instagram @troop525sumc


Scout Masters

G. Randy Lewis      1984-1989
Jerry Andrews 1989-1990
Ken Craft, Jr. 1990-1992
Jim Borders 1992
G. Randy Lewis 1993-1994
Joe Gibbs 1994-1996
Bruce Reber 1996-1997
Rick Mahan 1997-2000
John Cherry 2000-2014
Scott Donaldson 2014-